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Five Knives :

        Model 14   SN:382   (upper left)

       Model 25   SN: 394  (lower left)

            RKS Club  SN 633   (middle)

       Model 1      SN 609 (upper right)

       Model 3      SN 157  (lower right)


Randall Miniature Set

Ships to United States Only

North Carolina residents add 6.75% tax

All the knives have a length of three and one/half inches. Model 3 , Model 1, and Model 25 are authenticated by a Transponder within the knife.   All knives have "M" for Miniature on blade except Model 25.  Model 25 has "S" for stainless.   Although all blades are stainless steel.  

Price $3,900.00